This collection of guided visualizations

are good for a variety of intentions.

Written and narrated by Lisa Agaran

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Hi I'm Lisa!

I'm a professional mixed media artist and have been teaching a variety of mixed media workshops for the last several years. I have an extensive background in art & design. I'm also a licensed therapist and Creativity Coach. I understand the ins & outs of the creative process. Especially what it means on a personal level to be able to express yourself creatively.

I love helping students get passed the obstacles getting in the way of their personal artistic journey. With an encouraging and safe space, I help them uncover their true creativity and discover that they ARE an artist.

In my courses you learn a variety of mixed media techniques. You'll discover that you can create a piece of art without having to know how to draw or paint. I also encourage you to follow your own creative intuition so that you can tap.

I hope you have fun & enjoy my courses.

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